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hotel FLORENTINA ubytování Praha Kvalita ubytování FLORENTINA BOAT hotel, Praha

Are you deciding where to hold celebrate party, corporate party or wedding?

If yes, so now we woul like to introduce our offer.


Birthday party, celebrate and wedding:

– complete catering with reproduction music / live music. We will show you our idea, and than we can speak what is posibble and what would you like. Of course we offer accommodation for yours guets. You can use our nice hotel with comfortably cabin. And second offer is, that we can organize sailing duiring celebrate.


Corporate party, lunch or dinner:

– Are you deciding where to hold corporation party or lunch? If yes, we woul like you offer our services. Can you tell us, what is your idea and we prepare our sample of party. We will can prepare specil menu, buffet, degustation of wine with special food with sommelier. We prepare decoration, music. And we can organized cruise during your time in boat.


All is possible oranize on the sun deck, when will be good weather…Wery nice is vief of the sunset…

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Your questions on the number and mail:
Mobil: +420 739 002 551


Mobil  + 420 739 002 550

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